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First-in-Class Cancer Immunotherapeutics

New Generation of Cancer-Immunotherapy:
Empower your own immune system to fight cancer

Our goal is to make immunotherapy benefit the majority of cancer patients, not just a few

Jennifer Wu, PhD. President.

About CanCure

CanCure is drug development company dedicated to fighting cancer using novel strategies that harness the power of the human immune system. CanCure currently focuses on taking its leading product CuraB-10 into clinic. CuraB10 is at IND-enabling stage.
CuraB-10 is a first-in-class immune stimulatory monoclonal antibody targeting a tumor-released immune suppressive molecule soluble MHC I Chain-related molecule MIC (sMIC). In preclinical animal studies, CuraB-10 monotherapy effectively reduces tumor size and prolongs overall survival. CuraB-10 also enhances tumor response to immune checkpoint blocking therapies (nivolumab, pembrolizumab, and ipilimumab) when used in combination, and elicits a positive response even in tumors that failed to respond to these therapies. 

Driven by innovation, CanCure technology is poised to change the landscape of cancer immunotherapy.